lithium ion battery principle

more and more electric car conversion this days are done with lithium ion batteries.
the car industry also uses this batteries in their electric cars.
this batteries are lightweight and can go for longer mileage then the lead acid batteries but they are much more expensive.
in this video the lithium ion battery principle explained.



ford escort electric conversion

Another popular car for electric conversion is the ford escort.
All of the ford escort models from the first generation(1981-1990),second generation (1991-1996),third generation (1997-2002) and afterwards the ZX2 are commonly use in electric car conversion because it’s a light weight small car with a relative low price.

geo metro electric conversion

Another great and popular car in the electric conversion scene is the geo metro!
The general motors geo metro have a reputation as a low price and reliable car
The metro is a light weight but steady car and with a strong electric motor it can get to a decent speed!
Another important advantage is the geo transmission position and size that fits quit well to the common electric motors sizes
Here are some videos of people that convert their geo metro to be a fully electric car!



easy conversion with the beetle


I’ve been told that the most uncomplicated car for most conversion is the Volkswagen Beetle because the engine of this car is located in the back and the car is rear wheel drive.

and also the Volkswagen Beetle have free space in the front to put more batteries!

in this videos from youtube you can look at some Volkswagen beetle or bug that have been converted to electric vehicle by their owners.